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David Marsh’s distinctive pine furniture has plenty of personality, and yet it is absolutely functional. Made from pine and recycled materials, his dining and coffee tables, cabinets, bookshelves and other unusual pieces are handcrafted with old-style hand tools and decorated with paint, marbles, and tacks.


He began with high end office furniture, but soon was inspired by Mennonite, Shaker, and other folk styles. So with the help of a few friends he created a new studio furniture direction with a nod to folk art and serious whimsy. Before recycling even became popular he started incorporating wood scraps and discarded materials he found at nearby building sites.


David proudly signs the backs of each piece with names of his helpers, happy symbols and nonsensical works or animal drawings. Marsh says that’s to remind the craftsman, and ultimately the owner of the piece, that "joyfullness is not an accident!"

Tommy Lewis has worked with David Marsh since 1980.  In his own right, he is an expert cabinet maker as well as home builder and remodeler.  But most of his time is spent in his 5,000 sq. ft. workshop just outside of Houston, helping David Marsh produce  his eclectic line of pine folk art furniture.


HumanArts is proud to have represented David Marsh in California since 1995. Two or three shipments a year arrive and there's always exciting new work, as David and his crew continue to experiment with found elements, color, pattern, and textures.

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