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HumanArts featured in the Ojai Quarterly Spring 2018: "Green Weddings" by Sarah Howery Har

An excerpt from the article: "Green Weddings" by Sarah Howery Hart

Old jewelry pieces can be recycled into something new from which a couple can create their own treasured memories. Above are two rings that have been re-fashioned by Hallie Katz of Human Arts Gallery: “One is 14K white gold with old mine cut diamonds and blue sapphires, and one is 14K yellow gold with diamonds,” she said. “Both customers were very happy to have something quite different and unique, and to enjoy their ‘family treasures’ once again."

Couples may not think to consider the wedding rings from an environmental standpoint, but this is where Hallie Katz, co-owner of Human Arts, fits into your green wedding plans. Katz is an expert at repurposing, reusing metals, stones and gems, such as those from a couple’s inherited jewelry. With this method she uses some new material, but incorporates elements of the older jewelry. In a second method, Katz uses all older material. “Sometimes people have a lot of scraps, an earring, a broken gold chain. I can take their own materials and melt them down into clean gold, which is economical and green. I can also take something sentimental, like a grandfather’s ring, and make it into a new ring. We use any stones or diamonds if they’re in good shape. Everything can be recycled and used again.”

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